The Royal - 100 ml
  • The Royal - 100 ml
  • The Royal - 100 ml
  • The Royal - 100 ml
  • The Royal - 100 ml

The Royal

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Introducing 'The Royal 4-in-1 Perfume Set' � a collection that exudes the majestic essence of regality and sophistication, each scent embodying the spirit of royalty and elegance. This set offers an immersive journey through opulent aromas, tailor-made for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Lady Vintage: The first scent within this opulent collection is a celebration of opulence. It commences with an opulent burst of rich spices and regal florals, evoking the allure of precious gems. As the fragrance unfolds, a heart of luxurious oud and velvety rose unfurls, casting an air of timeless elegance. The base notes of warm amber and exquisite woods weave a lingering trail of grandeur that commands attention and reverence. Liverpool: The second scent captures the commanding presence of a noble crown. It opens with notes of regal citruses and aromatic herbs, evoking the authority and power of a monarch's reign. As the heart notes evolve, a fusion of sophisticated spices and aromatic woods takes center stage, creating an intoxicating aura of influence. Base notes of smooth leather and precious resins leave a lasting trail of majestic confidence that leaves an indelible mark. The Royal: The third scent embodies the grace and refinement of royal courts. Delicate notes of blossoming florals and citrus open the fragrance, reminiscent of the elegance of a courtly dance. As the scent develops, a heart of graceful white florals and delicate accords emerges, crafting an aura of effortless beauty. The base notes of creamy vanilla and soft musk create a lingering trail of regal allure that captivates the senses. Victory: The fourth scent captures the sovereign elegance of a ruling monarch. It starts with a harmonious blend of noble woods and majestic spices, echoing the dignified presence and leadership of royalty. As the heart notes unfurl, a fusion of rich incense and refined florals emerges, creating an aura of timeless allure and poise. Base notes of royal oud and exquisite resins weave a lasting trail of dignified magnificence that resonates. Embark on an olfactory journey of grandeur with 'The Royal 4-in-1 Perfume Set.' Immerse yourself in these captivating scents that flawlessly encapsulate the essence of regal sophistication and opulent allure, embracing the spirit of those who appreciate the art of luxury.

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